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Interface for ISO


This interface converts the ISO signals for the Arduino inputs. It consists of a small IC (Freescale MCZ33290EF), a 510 ohms resistor, a DB9M that will be plugged with the cable mentioned above, and few wires that connect to the Arduino board.

The MC33290 is a small chip, you can solder some wires on it for better handling. http://opengauge.org/%7Eobduino/hardware/MC33290.jpg

Schematic is like this:

Arduino pin 1 -------------5|TX  ISO|4-----------------+------- DB9M pin 4 (ISO K Line)
                            |       |                  |
Arduino pin 0 -------------6|RX  GND|3--DB9M pin 1     / between MC pin 4 and pin 1
                            |       |                  \ goes a 510 ohms resistor
Arduino 5V pin output -----7|VDD  NC|2--               /
                            |       |                  |
Arduino 5V pin output -----8|CEN VBB|1-----------------+------- DB9M pin 9 (12V Battery)

Interface front:


Interface back: